Inter-terrace Landed Transformation for Senior Division Director of ERA, Jay Choong

We are honoured to have helped and assisted Jay Choong (Senior Division Director of ERA Realty Network Pte Ltd) and his family to create their Dream Home!

Surin Ave

From a single-storey terrace house of 1700 square feet, the new GFA is 5000 square feet. This new home features 8 bedrooms and a mezzanine.

As a property agent, Jay sees many houses and understands exactly what he prefers in his own home. Jay wants to refrain from having inadequate lighting at home. His new double-volume, 6-meter-high ceiling helps provide natural light and ventilation throughout the Living space and the Mezzanine. 

What’s more?

The Master Bedroom, which has a walk-in closet and display cabinet, spacious entertainment, and resting areas, is Jay’s wife’s favourite space in this home. 

Designed side by side, the children’s bedroom, and playroom are easy to access and organize.

As Jay’s dad is a big fan of Karaoke, we’ve got a Karaoke room on the Mezzanine, and plenty of space for other entertainment such as playing Mahjong. 

Located at the top of the house, away from the kids, Jay’s home office displays his achievements on shelves. This is a great motivation for him to strive higher. 

Buying a landed house? Let our team of experts help and advice. 

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