To start with, High ceilings are a great problem to have! It’s a common design and decoration dilemma for high ceiling spaces.

There are plenty of reasons why many people love High Ceiling homes, high ceilings make an ordinary-looking space seem larger and spacious. A High ceiling room with tall windows can result in tons of natural lighting shining into the home which leads to an aesthetically beautiful result. There are also more decorative options that you could possibly explore with unique Interior Design choices that can make your home stand out with a High ceiling.

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High ceilings also increased home value and easier resale. If your house features high ceilings, you may find it has an easy time selling it once you’re ready to do so.

Here are some tricks on how you can decorate a Living space with a High ceiling, using proportion to create a space that feels balanced and comfortable, here we go:

1. Opt for a Statement Light Fixture

A large statement fixture hanging light in a prominent spot of the High ceiling is an ideal way to connect the upper and lower portion of the space.

2. Balance with the Furniture

Adding on to the above Light fixture, look for something that is large and prominent to have a heavy scale that matches with the Light fixture.

3. Hang Artwork Up High

Make use of the empty space on the high parts of the wall by hanging some art pieces and decorative items. This could be a way to run gallery-style walls through the heights.

4. Hang Curtains High

This will require a whole lot of fabric and can create a very dramatic effect and make the home space look aesthetically impressive. The best bet is to use a solid colour curtain for this.

5. Line up Tall Book shelvings

Shelving is a great way to make use of empty wall spaces when it comes to a tall room. Tall Book shelvings can work in any particularly high space. Book lovers would definitely appreciate an entire feature shelvings wall that is filled with books. Styling the shelf with a tall ladder would be worth it.

6. Build a Loft

Increase the house floor area by building a Loft or mezzanine, then take advantage of its abundant space. This area can be made-to-be an extra area in your house, such as a family bonding area, home office, and more.

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High ceiling houses are certainly a nice feature to have in a home but they aren’t for everyone. Some people prefer the feel of smaller and cozy spaces.

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