Here’s how to choose the Kitchen sink of your dreams.

Choosing the Right Kitchen sink is an investment that will completely change the look and functionality of the Kitchen, to make sure you get the Kitchen of your wildest dream… There are a few factors you should consider before making the decision. From the right material to the ideal size, to an under-mount or a drop-in sink… here’s everything you need to know:

(1) Top-mount or Undermount

What’s the difference? As the name suggests, a drop-in sink drops into the counter, so there is a visible lip that rests on the counter. Alternatively, an undermount sink attaches beneath the counter, creating a seamless look. 

Pros: Undermount sinks are the most common style that customers choose. Their distinctive advantage is that they are mounted under the countertop. This allows counters to be cleaned easily.

Overmount sinks sit on top of the countertop. The rim of the sink provides a nice accent to the stone and allows the sink to become a more prominent feature of the countertop.

Cons: There is no right or wrong style. Your choice will come down to personal preference, taste, and Lifestyle.

(2) A Large or Small Sink

There are a few questions you have to ask yourself when choosing a sink size. If you want to keep the budget in mind… Generally, the larger the sink, the higher the price. You also need to be realistic about how much you use your sink. If you’re not an avid cook, you can probably get away with a standard size but it’s always better to go bigger than smaller if you have the Countertop space to accommodate it. Pay attention to the scale of the design as well. If you have a really tiny kitchen, a large sink risks an overwhelming look of the entire Kitchen…

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Pros: A Large and deep sink also means you can easily soak or wash a big pan or prep large quantities of food.

Cons: Rinsing vegetables while soaking a large pot is not so possible, so does hand washing and rinsing dishes.

(3) Single vs Double Bowl

If you have the space and money, consider a double-bowl sink. It helps you separate dirty dishes from useable sink space and makes the whole cleanup process much easier. Plus, it gives you a little more time between actually having to do the dishes and it’s perfect if you like to entertain or have a big family who goes through a ton of dishes in a day.

Pros: Double Bowl sink allows you to perform separate tasks, such as cleaning dishes and preparing food with ease. A 60/40 sink has one sink that is usually wider than the other. The idea is that you can clean up in the large basin and prep in the smaller one. Double sinks also come in handy when you are washing items you don’t want to put in the dishwasher (soap in one sink and rinse water in the other).

Cons: A smaller basin makes it harder to wash and soak larger pans.

(4) Material

The most significant factor for a kitchen sink’s overall durability is the material used to make it. However, with the plethora of brands offering multi-variational materials for each of their sinks, it gets challenging to find something tailored for our purposes.

(5) Shape

Pros: Many homeowners consider a curved sink as it is easier to clean than one with square edges.

Cons: If a sleek, minimalist look is your kitchen style, this might not be the look you’re after.

(6) Sink Accessories

Pros: Sink manufacturers are making the sink work harder with myriad accessories built to perfectly fit on the sink. Some of the choices include cutting boards, racks for dishcloths, or cleaning utensils. These items can help organize kitchen prep work.

Cons: To achieve a perfect fit, it’s best to buy directly from the manufacturer only.


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