HDB Renovation Tips & Inspiration – feat. City Vue at Henderson

Take it from us, “a comfortable home design is something of great importance in leading a happy life.” We all agree that a home should be able to provide comfort for the homeowners, that is because the Interior design of your home has a direct effect on your mood.

Explore this cozy, outstanding, pretty, and comfortable HDB BTO at City Vue @ Henderson. And, who says HDB flat can’t be beautiful?

Young couples, new owners, and those who are seeking new ideas to transform their HDB flat into their Dream home, look no further. Here are some HDB Renovation Inspirations & Tips you may work on for your future nest:

(1) Feature wall

Sometimes it’s good to keep things simple, sometimes adding a statement piece may bring contrasts to the simplicity of your home. A good example would be the TV feature wall or an accent wall.

(2) Cove Ceiling Light

Cove Lighting adds a special touch to a room, it helps homeowners to achieve a well-illuminated home that is of the right balance of direct and indirect lighting.

(3) Sufficient Wardrobe Space

There are a few renovations that can make your house feel like home. Having said that, some of the customized carpentry & features can help you achieve a Luxury and much more Practical lifestyle.

No doubt, it’s every bit worth the time and money you put into it. The pros absolutely outweigh the cons.

One of the greatest advantages to customizing a wardrobe compared to the one you can purchase off the shop is that you can fit into the exact dimension for small space with the compartment that is essential to you.

(4) Sufficient Kitchen’s Storage Space

If you’ve decided to renovate your Kitchen, the hardware accessories that you plan to add inside the cabinetry are just as important as the material and finishes you have to decide. Your home renovation is exactly yours, not others so following your Lifestyle is important… not trends. Selecting hardware accessories is a crucial investment and it is a long-term consideration, therefore it needs to suit your lifestyle and must be durable for usage in your home.

The right hardware accessories can boost both the aesthetic appeal, enhance convenient flow and movement in the house.

(5) Dare to be Different

There’s no right or wrong in Interior Design, the only thing that matters is will you be able to live properly and comfortably in it. Be it, finding the right layout for the homeowners, adding additional ambiance lighting in the kitchen, hacking the wall or not… It all depends on the personal preferences of the homeowner and family members.

This project is done by Designer See Shu Wen

Start creating your absolutely gorgeous Dream home now, by observing various interior styles and elements to help you get inspired. As well as talking to your Interior Designer about it.

You can truly turn your compact HDB spaces into mini heaven of your own, Let us help you design and plan your Dream Home, 👉🏻 We’ll be happy to help! WhatsApp @ 6597215338

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