Guide to the Cost of Renovating Resale HDB Kitchen

After you’ve bought your Resale HDB flat, before embarking on any renovation work, you should understand what is the kind of work you’ll be paying for.

Before going into further details on cost, it’s also important to engage only registered plumbers and contractors. For pipes homeowner is not allowed to have new pipes that are concealed, all new pipes have to be external.

Some factors to think of while considering cost:
-What’s going to be kept and what’s going to change.
-Is there an existing old cabinet to be dismantled before installing the new ones?
-The length of new cabinets will be one of the main factors that will determine the cost.
-Is hacking of walls and tiles needed?
-Kitchen’s wet area’s Waterproofing and ponding test should be done properly.
-Cost for Haulage and acid-wash for the tiles.

Marine Drive - HDB

Decide what kind of Kitchen best suits your home:
-Semi-Open Kitchen

Consider some important factors:
-Types of Storage needed
-Types of Appliances needed

Punggol - HDB

Think further, how to save money on Kitchen Renovation?
-Narrow your Choices for Kitchen Cabinet Material
-Consider some loose furniture pieces for larger Kitchen
-Choose a simpler design for carpentry
-Overlaying tiles instead of hacking and re-installing

Things that will save your Money over Long Term:
-Plan your Powerpoints to avoid future rewiring
-Install Energy Saving Appliances
-Install Water-Saving Devices

Let us know your Kitchen needs and desired design so we can plan your dream home with a budget that fits. 👉🏻 Talk to Us Now! WhatsApp @ 6597215338

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