Deciding on a Living room Sofa can be a time-consuming task and hard decision. You’ll need to think about the size and shape as well as which materials work best for your situation. Choosing the right sofa that completely fits you and your family is a demanding task as there are many types of Sofas available.

Let’s get started on our step-by-step guide on how to choose the best sofa for your lovely cozy home:

-Do your Homework

It’s easy to measure your new sofa’s floor space but not details such as height, or the armrest thickness. Understanding the seating needs will determine the space you have left for other furnishing and accessory pieces, such as a Coffee Table, End Table, and Lamps.

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-Consider your Lifestyle

Consider how you use the room space, and ask yourself questions… such as is it for a formal living room, is it for occasional use, or is it for an everyday family room enjoyed by everyone, including kids and pets?

-Sit Down

Sit on every seat, and test it for at least 3 minutes. Check for comfort and the absence of a hard framework and springs. Try the armrests and check your seat posture. If you are tall, consider designs which are with longer seat depth and the length that is from the back cushion to the front seat.

-Choose a Style that suits your Home

Avoid restricting your personal style by choosing a theme for your Home Interior. Consider mixing together things you love and show off your personality throughout your entire home, the same goes for your Sofa.

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-Fabric or Leather?

As you might expect, there is no right or wrong answer as both fabric and leather sofas have their positive and negative characteristics. It’s best to look at the benefits of each material to help you decide which sofa finish is just right for you.

By nature, leather is more durable than fabric for at least five years longer. While fabric sofa can come with stain repellent treatment, leather is easy to clean with just a quick wipe. Keep in mind that the category of “fabric” is much broader than the category of “leather” because there are many different types of fabric. There are multiple options for different benefits. It’s crucial to test out the arms of any sofa you would like, to ensure they are sturdy and firm.

-Be Mindful of the Arm Style

Finally, check the dimensions of any door and stairways as the sofa will have to pass through for the Sofa delivery.

Arm styles, are often an afterthought, but shouldn’t be. With many different styles ranging from a fixed armrest to a height-adjustable armrest.

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