We all crave a cosy, comfortable, and well-designed home. As the saying goes don’t move, improve… We’re all in favour of making improvements that value-add your home.

(1) New Window Treatment

If you’re changing all your windows, you can go for black or staying white. Depending on what your new home style is and if you wanted to be consistent. Black window frames would be dramatic while white window frames with the right drapes can also look great.

(2) Cabinetry

Be it under-counter swing-out corner storage or a new cabinet that helps organize a clutter zone. It’s ideal to revamped the organizing system in and out of your Cabinetry. Swapping out older cabinet handles can make a Kitchen look completely different too.

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(3) Paint Wall & Ceiling

There is more to a good paint job than just smearing some colours on the wall. Check out the colour option you could have and think if you want a warm or cool shade, neutral or saturated? If you have existing furniture or art pieces to keep, you may also want to consider how you may complement them.

(4) Doors & Door Knobs

Buy a new door or two, Revive the front main door to make a lasting impression. Additionally, Class up New Door with Door Knobs that would wow you.

(5) Tile

Tiles that are the perfect choice would be those which are easily maintained and durable at the same time. If aesthetic is important to you, adding texture, colours and patterns can be an inspiration in your home space.

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(6) Lighting

Good lighting changes everything; Lighting is an essential component to a successful design scheme, lighting can become the focus of the room than merely being a functional fitting.

(7) Wall Skirting

Skirting board tends to get knocked around throughout its life, there’s a way to fix the worn out skirting board and make them how you’ve always wanted.

(8) Electrical outlets & switches

Screw on stylish new switch plates and it will lighten your mood every time you enter the room.

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(9) Change Hardware

Replace dated hardware fixtures and have a quick fix to make your home feel like new again.

(10) Refresh Old Tile Grout

Changing your Grout colour is one of the simplest ways to refresh old tile grout.


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