Art Deco emphasizes shape and absence of superfluity, the Modernism version of it has overlapping features that are both prominent around the same time. Modernism features form instead of an ornament.

The term Art Deco is often applied by the aesthetic furnishing from the 1920s through the early 1940s. Modern Art Deco was simplified and stylized a little more restrained. Art Deco kicks in Victorian aspect, from its embellish frames, texture, and shape. Various designs in Art Deco can be contrasting in both colours and materials. With a dash of colours and patterns, this Interior Design style is bolder and brassier than the other.

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Bringing all the glamour of the 20s to a 21st Century space, here are some practical tips in decorating your own Modern Art Deco home:

(1) Avant-Garde Furniture
Be Inspired by Avant-Garden Furniture & Decorative pieces such as wall coverings and fixtures. Simply add these into the mix, the style is sure to elevate your interior space.

(2) Some bold Geometry
The Geometric trend is bold, dramatic, and very contemporary at the same time. The rhythm of Geometry wonderfully never goes out of style.

(3) Rich colours
Art Deco is characterised by its use of rich colours and opulent finishes. It is usually contrasted and filled with bold colours such as cherry red, tangerine orange or saturated green. The bright colours came as a fashion to the Interior space, reflecting the overall cheerful spirit of times.

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(4) Brass & Gold
Fall in love with the minimal chic brass & gold in the Art Deco Interior space, polished metallic finishes can create a feel of Art Deco glamour within Interiors.

(5) Exuberant Patterns
Instead of renovating something a little towards new and modern, play up its uniqueness by incorporating Exuberant Patterns. Making the space more prominent and striking a balance with patterns.

(6) Victorian Frames
Art Deco’s influence spanned across art, fashion, jewellery, interiors, furniture and many other daily use objects. Including the bold, symmetrical, motifs, patterns and themes symbolized various wealth, status, glamour and also exquisite craftsmanship that is the use of deluxe materials.

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(7) Eclectic & Luxury
The Art Deco style is often called “Eclectic”, largely due to its seamless combination of stark, geometric lines and shapes with grandiose ornamentation and exotic details. The mixture of makes the striking aesthetic easy to recognize and for sure it’s one way to elevate even the simplest space in an Art Deco Interior.

(8) Memphis charm
An Art Deco Home is sometimes filled with a pinch of Memphis, with a stylish flavourful charm. However, it shouldn’t be overwhelming.

(9) Lighting
Perhaps one of the easiest and most eye-catching ways to bring Art Deco into your home is with light fixtures that characterize the Art Deco period. Lighting fixtures of the Era are known for their geometric and symmetrical shapes and patterns, with such shapes in the lighting form, which can create an Art Deco vibe.

(10) Mirrors
Traditionally, a mirror in a room is used to create space and depth. A mirror can also be a statement piece or a reflective wall-art that not only soften a room but provide exude luxury and glamour into the space.

Opulent, stylish and beautiful; Art Deco design is one of the most iconic styles of the twentieth century. The epitome of sophistication, it’s a wonderfully enduring legacy that is still loved today.

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