Designer Nicky Haw+Anzie Lee: Luxus Hill Landed House Interior in Singapore

Making a Great First Impression with an Immense Entryway for welcoming family members back home as well as an extraordinary walking-in experience for their guests.

This slim Recessed Cove Lighting plays a key role in changing the look and feel of the space. With its add-on well-illuminated light to achieve an Ambient Touch for its car porch space. It is a great way to bring indirect lighting and making a style statement before entering inside of the house.

(Estimate Renovation cost: $180-220k)

The Elegant laminated wood stripes feature wall leads and navigate the way into the Modern Minimalist Victorian styled Interior home. This featured curve wood stripes wall hides away the clutters providing a clean-look on the surface of the storage space.

Get Inspired by the young adult’s room in the house each suits their individual Lifestyle. There are a few design considerations for a family-friendly Interior and the rooms that bring joy and energy to the young adults in the house.

Every of these young adult rooms consists of a high and brightly lighted cove lighting ceiling, adding a touch that is luminous yet not over-dramatic.

When it comes to Girl’s room, the colours and furnishing are important keys to change the whole look and feel of the room. Get Inspired by how you can add magic into the young adult girl’s room, now that is all stylish and sophisticated.

One can never have too many handbags and when it comes to displaying them it can be a little tricky. Since they’re also voluminous in a way and really fragile, protecting and preserving it is just as important as displaying it nicely.

One of the best storage solutions for both maintaining the Handbag’s shapes and proudly displaying it is to store it in a bespoke Glass display cabinet.

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