Everyone loves that relaxed time in their comfortable living room. Here’s an impressively spacious modern contemporary home that strikes the perfect balance between style and coziness, with sleek and on-trend finishes.

A large area for displaying your favourite collectibles are great for extra storage and for display purpose. Especially when it is placed at the center-of-attraction of the Living space, where your guest can explore and get the attention to your display and its detail.

Make everything count and take advantage of the Architecturally quirky spaces, every single inch counts. There may be some limitation to space but it’s possible to turn it around and make it functional and meaningful.

There are tons of ways to maximize a small room, don’t let a small space or tricky layout stops you from creating a comfortable, stylish room that you’ll spend plenty of time in it. It is also important to keep areas in zones, for example keeping your sleep area separate from the studying zone.

You may also view floor plans, layout plans and the before photos from this video:

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Our Creative Designer, for this Project: Leonard Chung+Tony Teng

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