At the Garden Residences, we made the homeowner’s condo look sleek and minimal yet modern by using dark wood, black curtains, string wall lamps, and LED lights in different colors.

When you use black curtains, you make a strong and dramatic statement. Black curtains can make a room feel more elegant and sophisticated. Modern string wall lamps can be a great way to light a hallway because they look different and stylish.

A modern wood cabinet with a TV in the living room can be a great way to display used pre-loved items while also adding warmth and natural elements to the space. With LED strip lights, things stand out inside the cabinet. By putting these design elements together, you can make a stylish and comfortable modern minimalist interior design theme.

In this master bedroom design, simplicity is achieved through a practical layout and efficient use of space, complemented by interesting details that enhance the room’s appeal. We added tall black curtains to create a sleek, modern look with a touch of drama, making the room cozy and inviting.

To enhance functionality, we incorporated a separate workstation that seamlessly blended in with the rest of the decor. The table’s gold detailing and faux marble finish added a touch of glamour.

Classic wooden bunk beds are an excellent choice for children’s bedrooms due to their numerous benefits. By stacking the beds, we maximized the floor space, leaving more room for toys and creating the illusion of a larger, brighter room. A wooden staircase with illuminated steps provided a safe and secure way for children to access the top bunk, giving our client, the homeowner peace of mind.

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