The fusion of Chinese and Italian Interior design makes a unique and exciting vibe here in this HDB unit at Tampines. Both of these styles are unique in their own ways, and combining them can make a stylish and useful style. For this project, we combined the homeowners’ love for Chinese furniture with the wonders of an Italian finish.

The minimalist style and focus on natural materials of modern Italian design would go well with the emphasis on symbolic ornamentation in Chinese culture to create a blend with the style and sophistication.

The resulting synthesis of the two different approaches to design would be novel and intriguing. Each style has its qualities, and a well-rounded room needs to have a mix of both.

Tapestries serve as excellent design features in an Italian interior design concept. The owners had five expensive tapestries from Chiang Mai; their intricate designs and vibrant colors created a unique and interesting contrast. We thought about the colors and patterns of these crafts and how they relate to and complement the colors and patterns in the rest of the room. Hanging a tapestry from the ceiling of the foyer is a terrific idea. It served as a focal point and an attractive, unique part of the house.

The husband, Tom, is a certified music aficionado who loves to sing, so we installed a wall-mounted rack in their living room so he would have somewhere to store his extensive CD collection.

Pat, his wife, has an extensive collection of crystals, coffee table books, and masks, so we made her a large display case to show them off. We displayed her memorabilia on her tables and countertops.

In this renovation project, it’s important to find a good balance between the two styles and not go overboard with either one. It’s also important to choose furniture and accents that go well together. Chinese-inspired decors look great when they start with a neutral color palette and then add pops of color, different textures, and Italian modern lighting.

We love fulfilling homeowner’s desire homes, let us know your Interior design requirement so we can plan your dream home for you.

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