Dahlia Park Condo Designed by Alex Tan+Lydia Tan

Peek through the TV feature wall design in this Condo apartment unit at Dahlia Park. It comes with multiple practical storage spaces and a hidden door to the other part of the house. 

(Estimate Renovation cost: $80k)

The long stretch of the TV feature wall is designed partially for storage purposes as well as a separate partition from the Living-Dining area. As most of the homeowners work-from-home, having a separate contrast for relaxation space is important. 

The U-shaped kitchen layout is one of the most versatile layouts for Kitchen space, offering ample countertop space.

The dining area has always been a place of gathering and bonding takes place. This also means this is a special place in the home, so the atmosphere and comfort are really important too. Aside from the basic lights at home, Ambient lighting can provide a better atmosphere and improves the sense of warmth in the Dining space.

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