Common Defects to check for new HDB & Condos in Singapore

Congratulations, you’ve just collected your keys to your newly purchased home, it can be an exciting moment for you and your family. Before any renovation commences, here’s a list of some common defects to look out for after you’ve collected your keys. 

Checking your new home for defects is especially important if you are buying a property that has just been built, namely HDB build-to-order (BTO) flats, Executive condominium units (EC), as well as private condominium units. 


Plumbing issues can be very costly to rectify and cause a lot of damage, so take special care to ensure that there are no leaks anywhere in the home. Look out for stains around the valves and fittings around. 


Look out for any scratches and chips on the floor tiles, as well as stains that could indicate water seepage. Make sure your flooring is even and consistent with no hollow tiles nor the one stick out unevenly. 


Ensure that all inlet pipping or drainage pipes are correctly installed with no signs of clogged, leakage or corrosion. 


Inspect all electrical outlet, including telephone and cable TV jacks to ensure there are no cracks, mould or other possible defects. Make sure the power points are all working well. 


Inspect the walls and ceilings for any hairline cracks and stains. Stains could be a sign of water seepage which may cause serious problems later on. 


Open and close the windows to ensure that this can be done smoothly and with no screeching noise. Ensure that doors and gates are properly aligned and there should be no rust on the hinges of the door or gate. Making sure the mechanism is functioning smoothly is as important. 

While some defects are merely on the surface, others might be structural and may cause hazard situations. The above list features the main areas for check, it’s worth checking on BCA common defects checlist if you’re doing defects check on your own.

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