Designed by Vince Lau+John Kuan: 3rm Resale HDB at Bukit Merah

A seamless, clean visual makes a considerable difference in the impression of your home.

Keeping the interior spaces bright is vital to this reno design. There are warm, earthy tones, like the wood-toned flooring in the dining and living areas. They complement the white walls to keep the home looking spacious and welcoming.

To give our customers a bit of pro-style prep baking space, we used a marble pastry board on the kitchen table with storage space for kneading, rolling, and mixing.

Creating a perfectly hidden door allowed our design to blend in with the walls. It allowed unbroken paneling across rooms, leading our customer from the central space to a lovely, cozy bedroom waiting on the other side.

We love fulfilling homeowner’s desire homes, let us know your Interior design requirement so we can plan your dream home for you.

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