8 Foolproof Tricks: Make your Bedroom look Bigger

It doesn’t matter how small your room is. If you’re ready to put some heart and effort into making your bedroom look bigger. Here are 8 Foolproof Tricks for making your Bedroom look bigger:

1) Customise Storage Platform Bed
Compact living seems to be on the norm these days, as spaces can be much limited these days in BTO HDB and Condos… furnitures these days are designed to be multi-functional. The storage platform obviously omit the need of having a bed frame and make good use of space that is suppose to lift the bed to the right height. Ultimately, it is customised beautifully to fit into your bedroom that saves spaces from having extra unuse gaps spaces.

Jalan Salang - Landed

2) Use Light and Neutral Colour palette
Use Light and Neutral decorating scheme such as a warm beige walls and creamy off- white furnitures. Neutral colour lend themselves well that gives the bedroom a boost of personality, on the other hand light colours are more reflective which makes space feels open and airy that can help maximize the space in its very own way.

3) Use Rugs to define the Spaces
A rug that is too small for your space can cause the room to feel small, decorating with the correct rug size can help re-define your space size and make it look more prominent.

4) Use Natural Lighting
Natural light opens up any Interior rooms and make it look larger. Keep your curtains drawn open to allow as much natural light to flood in the room as possible.

Domus - Condo

5) Adding Bed Head Storage
When it comes to making a space bigger, ultilize hidden storage or multi-functional furniture will be a great help. Headboard storage is an excellent idea, as it comes in countless designs as a form of focal point that sync to the personality of the bedroom.

6) Include mirrors in the space
Simply place a mirror near or opposite the window to increase to reflect lights into the space. The brighter the space, the spacious it would have seem.

Bukit Batok Ave 8 - HDB

7) Brighter ceiling colour
It’s no secret that using the right colours helps expanding the space visually. Paint ceiling white and using lighter colours can make a room appear to be larger.

So the conclusion is, having a limited amount of space doesn’t mean the function of your space should be limited. For a happier and spacious home life,

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