If you’re intending to go for a Home Renovation and are not sure what you need to know. We’ve prepared a Guide for you to get-to-know your path to your Dream Home.

As this may be a major life decision, embarking on your Home Renovation can be a daunting task. It may be a makeover for your old home or your first-time home renovation, the whole process can be a little overwhelming.

Here are 6 Things to Do for a Smooth Home Renovation:

(1) Determine Your Needs

Think about what your priorities are, are you looking for a quick makeover or looking for top-quality materials with a specific design concept? Or perhaps want to maximize the storage space at home, or even make the house child-proof.

(2) Plan your Budget

After determining your needs and knowing the goals to achieve in your home. The next thing is to consider how much you are willing to spend for which aspects. Spending plays a huge part in the final outcome of the Interior Design. Make a Realistic Home Renovation Budget and consider some factors such as:

-Size of your house
-Type of hardware and carpentry work needed.
-Professional fees for Renovation Contractor or Interior Designer

You should also factor in the unforeseen cost which might drive your Renovation budget up. Preparing a 10-20% increase in your budget provides peace of mind.

(3) Deciding who to Hire

Weighing the costs between your needs, wants and budget allows you to see more clearly what is necessary to spend on your Renovation. Hiring an Interior Designer can cost more than hiring a contractor. Generally, an Interior Designer takes full responsibility for what a project manager does, all you have to do is to let them know your preferred design and they will handle the rest. From designing, 3D visualization to what you will be getting after the renovation. While you’re waiting for your property to be renovated, they will be the ones who keep you updated on the progress.

(4) Don’t just follow Trend

The world would be boring if we all decorated our Homes in the same way or the same Trend. Go for a design, or concept that will likely stay with you for life and easily adapt as you grow in this home. In particular, the trend may catch your eyes but it may rush out over time. Renovate in a way that suits your family and your lifestyle and personality rather than changing just for the sake of Trends.

Condo Tapestry Shawn Haw and Jeff Tan

(5) Quality Matters

In Singapore, many people want to increase their quality of life and the value of their homes. The main determination for the Renovation cost involves the quality of the materials selected.

Before the renovation, you should first identify your home and then set your expenditure based on these requirements. Having determined your budget, do discuss it with a reputable Interior Designer about your Renovation ideas, quality expectations and plans.

(6) Remember to Communicate

Right from the start from discussion to commencement of your home renovation, communication with your Interior Designer is foremost. Most of the time if there’s new changes to the confirmed work it may have additional charges. Limiting changes is the key to control the Renovation cost and making sure the renovation journey is smooth and hassle-free. The main way of reducing extra changes after confirmation is the frequent communicate with your Interior Designer, making sure everything make sense for you as well as it’s do-able.

Keep these Renovation Tips in mind & share with your Friends. We hope that you’ve gained some useful insights so far.

As always if you need any help in Renovation, Feel free to let us know so we can help you fulfill your Dream Home.

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