People often think that Homeowners won’t spend much on their HDB renovations, therefore are limited to simple and not so luxurious Interior designs as private homes.

In recent years, more and more HDB flats owners choose to improve their quality of life by renovating beyond comfortable homes, in-additional homeowners highly enjoy the stylish and functional homes in their HDB units.

Here are 6 of our favourite Stylish Homes that Don’t Look Like the usual HDB unit:

3-Room HDB at Tampines
  1. Rustic Charm at Tampines: Living Space. This is an old resale flat that breathes new life with raw, natural, and gritty textures featuring some interesting elements from its comfortable dining nook to its resort-style toilet and a walk-in wardrobe that is truly enviable.
3-Room HDB at Tampines

2. Rustic Charm at Tampines: Walk-in Wardrobe. There’s nothing more challenging than finding a room for everything you own and use on daily basis, especially with small space constrain HDB Flat. Combining a Study desk in a Walk-in Wardrobe is the way to maximize space in this HDB Resale Flat at Tampines.

3. Aiken’s House: Do you believe this 656 sqft 3-rm HDB flat is already 37-year-old? A masculine vibe with a touch of feminity, this Modern Industrial home has been creatively designed to maximize every single space with many hidden storages to keep the house well organized..

4. City Vue @ Henderson: When Grey Meet Wooden Accents and blending natural elements into this Homey space. Having wood accents in the house can help carry that same style and vibes that bring both spacious and coziness.

5. Edgefield Plain HDB BTO: Nothing is as classic as this Modern Victorian-styled Living room. The pale and simple rich details TV feature walls add a stylish romantic vibe to the entire space, with its gold profiling makes a glamourous statement in this space.

6. Clementi West Resale HDB: Besides having a breakfast bar, a dining table can visually separate two spaces in a clear line and maximize the usage of the space in-between two spaces.

HDB flats can be a basic space, however, that doesn’t mean it has to stay as basic. If you’re looking for more renovation ideas for your new BTO house or Makeover for your old HDB home, 🛋️ Follow Rezt+Relax for more Interior Inspiration! 🛋️ Facebook | Instagram |Youtube | Pinterest | Tik Tok

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