When decorating a bathroom and making it functional, space planning and layout is one of the most important aspects. It can be an advantage to have the Sink and Vanity planned too.

For starters, here are the most common types of Bathroom Sink & Vanity you can consider, some may come with Storage and some without, choose wisely based on your own personal preferences and Lifestyle.

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(1) Pedestal/Free-Standing Sink

The pedestal/free-standing sink works perfectly when the bathroom has space-constrained. Regardless of the style, this type of sink gives your Bathroom an airy, and open look.

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(2) Floating/Wall-Hung

The Floating/Wall-hung sink is fixed directly to the wall without needing to sit on a Countertop, this may give a minimalist feel to the room. It can easily save more visible floor area, making the space feel bigger.

(3) Vessel Sink

Originally called a “bowl sink”, the Vessel sink is mounted to sit directly on top of a countertop surface. A vessel sink can let you play with the depth of the sink by going with a deeper bowl or a more shallow dip. These sinks are Stylish and can upgrade the overall look and feel of the bathroom.

(4) Under-Mounted Sink

Undermount sinks mount to the bottom of the countertop and it can be aesthetically slit and minimal due to its hidden rim attached under the counter. This could make the countertop feels slightly more spacious as well as it is easier to maintain and clean.

(5) Semi-recessed Sink with Cabinet Storage

A bathroom vanity cabinet can come in multiple designs, the most commonly seen can be bulky, boxy, and anachronistic. A semi-recessed sink with cabinet storage allows you to have a space to keep your counter space free of cosmetics and other products. Unlike a pedestal/free-standing sink which takes up space under the sink as well, a semi-recessed sink with cabinet storage allows you to make your bathroom clutter-free by hiding everything in the cabinet space.

Now that you roughly have an idea of the Bathroom Sink option you can have, have a quick chat with our Interior Designer πŸ‘‰πŸ» Let us help you with your Dream Home!

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