When it comes to designing a wardrobe, there are a lot of things to come into consideration, from space planning to functionality and aesthetics.

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You’ll also need to choose the types of lighting and positioning of the Interior elements such as the Mirrors. Think of width, length and depth as well. When you put considerations into having enough space to keep all your clothes, shoes, bags, accessories when designing a Built-in Wardrobe it can all seems to be too confusing. Here’s 10 Things to Consider before Renovating a Built-in Wardrobe:

1. Going Light or Dark

If the space is small with little light, going for a darker colour is probably not the best idea. With sufficient lighting, darker colour can provide a contrasty space. While lighter colour can make the Interior look bold and happy.

2. Natural Texture

There are different texture to choose from, such as glossy, matte and other textured surface finishes.

3. Handle, or Handleless

If you’re keen to do away with handles, then consider how you might want to achieve the handleless wardrobe. The absences of handles from drawers, to cabinet doors are common in Modern homes. Handleless cabinet has its own elegant and timeless look so you won’t need to worry about looking dated after a few years.

4. Warm or Cool Lighting

If it’s a yes for lighting in your Wardrobe, or surround it. You’ll need to consider over cool or warm colour temperature. Well, simplifying it would be warm is the much yellowish light and cool is the cold looking blue-ish light.

5. Position of the Lighting

Wardrobe lighting is crucial element for a Good Wardrobe design but it is often overlooked. Strategic placement of lightings can twink the space into Whimsical atmosphere, depending on the theme and concept of the space. A well-lit Wardrobe is easy to navigate, organize and also feeling more accessible.

6. Position of the Mirror

Mirror often helps amplify a space, making it look wider and bigger. The placement of the Mirror can have a great impact in the Wardrobe environment. All seem confusing? Talk to your Interior Designer to plan it together.

7. Door Style

Wardrobe Door can look fantastic, ofcourse, depending on the theme and concept choosen. There are so many options to choose, whether if it’s a sliding door, or a pivot door… a modern sleek looking ones, or the traditional transition ones. It have to suit your personal taste and style.

8. Storage Needs

To properly plan Storage spaces you need, group your items based on their diemensions. A good example would be long dresses require a taller storage space. Think of width, length and also depth of the items you have.

9. More shelves and drawer or hanging space?

Before getting a Built-in Wardrobe, it’s important to ask yourself if you would need more handing spaces or drawer space. Do you hang or fold more clothes?

10. Open or Closed Concept

Most of us tend to go for a hidden closed clutter-free options with doors and walls. However as the trend are moving forward, open-shelving and open concept is being accepted by many homeowners. If you’re a person who hates dusting, or prefer privacy, a closed concept would be much suitable for you. Talk to your Designer, so they can work on a better customised idea for your Dream Wardrobe space.

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Last but not least, don’t forget to keep your seasonal outfit in mind for storage. As well as if it’s for a Shared Closet, remember to add a divider carcass between both storage spaces.

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