wency tee

Designer Profile: Wency Tee

The essence of Interior Design will always be about the people and how they live in it. This is about turning each homeowner’s fantasy into reality, making it attractive at the same time creating a meaningful, comfortable, and functional environment in the space. 

Wency graduated with BA (Hon) in interior design, a Degree in interior design from the University of Portsmouth (UK). It is Wency’s passion to make an Interior space feel alive and happy, considering that it is aesthetically beautiful at the same time functional and satisfies the needs of her clients.

Interior design can be timeless and trends are often defined by the era. Wency would browse through a good variety of Inspiring Interior design through multiple online magazines and awards-winning Interior projects. Wency’s continual improvement in her 5 years in Rezt+Relax is one of her keys to success in her career.

Pauline Yeong

Designer Profile: Pauline Yeong

The latest interior trends will shape the next decade of homeowner’s lifestyle, Pauline Yeong has a strong desire to create a sense of indulgence and relaxation through smart and innovative technology interior designs. This is not only pleasing to the eyes but makes a great and convenient experience for both homeowners and their guests.

It’s important to stay on-trend with clever functionality that is both user-friendly and space-saving. Being a Professional Interior Designer, Pauline is more than just being creative, the ability of trend identification and knowledge for sustainable practices are just as important for helping her client’s create their dream home. Pauline has 6 years of Interior Design experience under Rezt+Relax, her niche is a classic pairing of the Black and the White ambient as well as Dark interior palettes with a modern luxe look.

Project Milestones