tony poh

Designer Profile: Tony Poh

Meet an Interior Designer who is Inspired by Music and Arts. The relationship between interior and music enables us to enjoy the Interior space by using our senses to feel what we hear and see; in other words, Achieving greater levels of experience in the Interior. Tony Poh creates Interior spaces that are not just effectively practical but also with a refreshing blend of colours that have a great mood for lush and inviting aesthetic. Tony explores Inspirations from around the world during his travel trips as well as keeping ahead of Trends by always looking out for new materials that can be potentially used in his projects.

With the passion and interest in Interior design, Tony constantly improves the quality of his design, ensuring his client’s needs and balancing the Interior composition with parallelism impart visuals.

Tony has been in the Interior Design Industry for 15 years and has made a fast ascent to the Top 3 Interior Designer here at Rezt+Relax with his 5th-year career here.

Tony Poh

Designer Profile: Tony Poh

Tony Poh found his calling in Interior Designing – Bidding the Soft Furnishing industry farewell and joining Rezt and Relax Interior in 2017. He made a fast ascent to the top 5, coming in at 4th within the top 10 of the company. His professionalism and the level of trust he establishes with customers has secured him projects in which he communicates through text with customers who are overseas.

Nothing marrs his ability to communicate and deliver effectively – whether in person or through text, overseas or locally. Creativity reinvents with each new project. He sees each new project as a blank slate – an encounter with a homeowner and a design to be born solely tailored to each home. It is no wonder that customers impacted by his fresh ideas have raised their budgets to match his ideas.

Video Highlights

Rezt+Relax: Interior design built on culture+religion at Eunos
Interior design built on culture+religion at Eunos
Rezt+Relax: A place we call home
A place we call home
Rezt+Relax: Cosy home at Commonwealth towers
Cosy home at Commonwealth towers

Project Milestones

Condo Parc Life by Tony Poh and Cathryn Ling

Parc Life

Lucky Garden Landed - Tony Poh and Cynthia Lee

Landed in Lucky Gardens

Fernvale Lane HDB

Fernvale Lane

Hundred Trees Condo by Tony Poh and Cathryn Ling

Hundred Trees

Tanglin Residences by Tony Poh and Cathryn Ling

Tanglin Residences

Landed in Sixth Avenue by Tony Poh and Cathryn Ling

Landed in Sixth Avenue

HDB EM Hougang Tony Poh and Cathryn Ling


Breeze By The East

Ang Mo Kio Central

Customer Testimonials

Two Thumbs Up! My wife and I would like to say a big thank you to both Tony and Cathryn from Rezt & Relax. Thank you both for turning our 3 bedroom EC into our dream home. Really appreciate their patience and professionalism throughout the entire renovation process. They had been very accommodating and giving us ideas and advice on the colour scheme right down to the design of the furniture in order to blend in with the home design. I would strongly recommend Tony And Cathryn to all future homeowners if you decide to engage R&R.

Noel Sim

We would like to say a big thank you to both Tony and Cathryn from Rezt & Relax for designing a beautiful house that we can call home. They were both patient and professional throughout the whole renovation process, listening to our needs, and gave us ideas and advice which range from the colour scheme to the choice of furniture. They were always accommodating when we requested for change of materials and ensured that they delivered the project on time so that we can move in before Chinese New Year. Would strongly recommend Tony And Cathryn to all future homeowners if you decide to engage R&R.

Kelvin TeoA Wonderful Renovation Journey!

We have engaged Tony and Cathryn to be our interior designers for our 3-bedroom condominium. From checking of defects to completion of the project, every item was taken care of professionally. There were, of course, hiccups here and there but all were promptly resolved. They understand our preference and suggested not only 1 or 2 but several themes in our discussions. At the same time, views of the types of furniture and furnishings were well thought through and given.

Alvin LimGood Job Done!

Excellent workmanship, quality and prompt delivery! We like to thank Tony Poh & Cathryn Ling for overseeing the entire renovation process. They are very practical in advising the material/design we should use and considers our budget. We love the design whereby you took an extra step to consider a home design that fits, which is our lifestyle. Many reno companies will not think of. During the renovation, they oversee the entire progress by giving us constant updates with photos. They ensure everything is settled well and is willing to work along with our budget. Even after moving in, they ensure everything is ok and willing to coordinates touch up needed to be done. Thank you for relieving us entirely from the renovation stress and the support to us. An awesome workmanship with a lifetime of quality guarantee. Your prompt delivery has helped us entirely in our tight move-in schedule too. Awesome. Thank you so much for the professionalism. We are very proud of you.

Lilian Lim

Rezt and Relax did up my house when I moved into my place 6 years ago. It was a marvelous experience with the designer doing up my home the way that I wanted. Felt so comfortable working with him who translated my ideas into reality and I had my perfect home. Went back to Rezt and Relax last year as I wanted to do up the kitchen again. This time round, Tony was my designer and he not only looked into the kitchen but also spruced up the entire home with a fresh coat of paint and lighting. With the marvelous experience, I recommended Rezt n Relax to my sister who did up her new home this year.

Shahul HameedFantastic Experience!

A renovation job well done for our new home! From proof of design concept, quotations (& hard negotiations, LOL), job planning/co-ordination/implementation/supervision, till finished work inspection and follow-up, they have exhibited their professionalism well. Tony is cool while Cathryn has a good colour taste. Most importantly, all our family members are happy and satisfied. We look forward to their life long warranty and services for a good return of investment. Thank you very much. Engage them without hesitation!

Yuan Siew HanA Unique Partnership who Delivers!

Did an overhaul of our house recently. We chose Rezt and Relax and Tony and Cathryn were our ID. They were service-oriented, patient and trustworthy. Throughout the renovation process, they patiently advised us on the design, materials, colour to use, and were accommodating to our wants and changes. When the actual work started, they would often personally ensure the workmanship is up to standard. We were thoroughly satisfied with the finished project. We will definitely recommend Rezt and Relax and Tony to our friends and relatives.

Kok Sin LemA Job Wonderfully Done!