shawn haw

Designer Profile: Shawn Haw

A Professional Interior Designer can truly improve quality of life. Shawn Haw is an well-experienced Interior Designer with 15 years of experience in the industry, he loves finding his design inspirations from daily life that would bring a smile on his client’s face. The appreciation and good review by his clients had always given him a positive energy to push him to grow further in this Industry. 

Being a Professional Interior Designer, he loves turning a mere thought into a concrete reality for his clients. That, in particular, is one feeling of sheer satisfaction. Shawn believes that details is one of the main factors in enhancing an overall Interior theme. Nonetheless, everything else such as the ambient and aesthetic, also the practical function has to be just right and fit in as well. Even the smallest features are maximized in the world of Shawn’s design. 

Shawn is an interactive leader, a great senior designer who drives Inspiration for the aspired-to-be young Designers. Vice-versa he had set a humble mind to learn further through young people, getting to know the near-future trends along the way. 

Shawn’s design works have also been featured in multiple Magazines such as Square Room, Lookbox and more. His most popular design is a style towards something simply unique and emphasizes the light-filled in a minimalist aesthetic.

Shawn Haw

Designer Profile: Shawn Haw

Highly personable Singapore-PR Shawn Haw is a senior designer who has been formally schooled in Malaysia. Back in his much younger days, he had a strong background in carpentry and site coordination that ultimately fostered his love for building homes and eventually designing them by means of encouragement from his brother who is a fellow interior designer as well.

It only took him 1 year from the first day he joined Singapore’s premier interior design company here at Rezt ‘n Relax to become a senior designer.

He is indeed a man of few words but rest assured that his mind is endlessly churning out creative designs. To stay in touch with what’s in, he keeps reading magazines like Ideal Home, Lookbox Living, Square Rooms, Home & Decor and Homestyle. But for him, design naturally follows from the client’s ideas. Their ideas form the base of the design concept.

Obviously, he gets high satisfaction being able to do what he has always loved. But above all else, a simple “thank you” from his clients is all he needs to be motivated to keep doing what he does best.

In his spare time, he likes to go fishing, play badminton and watch movie with his family.

Video Highlights

Rezt & Relax Interior Senior Designer Shawn Haw
Rezt & Relax Interior Senior Designer Shawn Haw
Completed Renovation at Westwood Drive - Rezt & Relax Interior
Completed Renovation at Westwood Drive - Rezt & Relax Interior

Project Milestones

33A Jalan Baiduri Landed by Shawn Haw and Jeff Tan

Landed in Jalan Baiduri

Landed in Bukit Panjang

Landed in Bukit Panjang

Landed Sixth Avenue Shawn Haw and Grace Mao Yi

Landed in Sixth Avenue

Condo Tapestry Shawn Haw and Jeff Tan


Landed in North East Area

NOC 2nd Office

Kin Teck Tong

Euro Asia Park

Ang Mo Kio Ave 4

MC2 - Commercial


Lake Grande - Condo

Lake Grande

AJW - Commercial


Domus - Condo