cynthia lee

Designer Profile: Cynthia Lee

The interior designed by Cynthia Lee isn’t just a beautiful and harmonious space, her creation is usually sophisticated and matching up with the form and beauty aligning with homeowner’s expectations. 

It’s fascinating how she can incorporate mild gothic-revival architecture into the existing surroundings of a home space. This is a career field which allows her to gain great acknowledgement from her clients who especially love Victorian, Mid-century, Colonial and mixed European Interior Style. As an individual who is both creative and attention to detail, she has often used shapes that are geometrical patterns and also out-of-the-box colours range in her Interior Design. 

Apart from her usual satisfied clients in her 12 years of work, Recognised Celebrities like Chen Xiu Huan had also trusted her home to Cynthia’s hands. Cynthia loves to immerse herself into Enhancing space for her clients, an area of her expertise would be uniquely designed home concepts such as Modern-Colonial.

Cynthia Lee

Designer Profile: Cynthia Lee

Formally schooled at the Universiti Sains Malaysia with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Cynthia has developed a sharp sense of understanding of how things work and how can she make them work when they seem to not work. With this heightened comprehension, it is now second nature to her to provide solution to a design and space problem without compromising aesthetics.

During her school days, she was actively involved in a variety of activities which include stage design. As an engineer, she has practical knowledge in design and build and it was a natural progression for her to move on to interior design equipped with a strong background in drafting. This profession gives her the right vehicle to hone these skills. She joined Rezt & Relax Interior in 2009 and took her less than a year to be come a senior designer.

8 years hence, the passion has only grown and keeps on growing especially with the satisfaction she gets from each of the project she does and the appreciation she receives from her customers. A recently-turned mom, Cynthia believes she has found a life-long career in interior design.

Project Milestones

Condo Interlace by Cynthia Lee and MK Lee


Lucky Garden Landed - Tony Poh and Cynthia Lee

Landed in Lucky Gardens

Landed in North East Area

Skyparc @ Dawson

Belgravia Villa - Landed

Belgravia Villa