carlesa boo

Designer Profile: Carlesa Boo

While different people lead a different lifestyle and culture at home, customizing the needs and essentials for the homeowner is one of Carlesa’s philosophies as an Interior Designer. Hence, Everything can be her inspiration. 

The field of Interior design is far more than simply putting lines together, it’s a sum that crafts colour, shapes, light, lines, pattern and texture into the space. Carlesa graduated with BA (Hon) in interior & spatial design & Interior Architecture. She has a Great Passion for conceptualizing and turning client’s expectations into a concrete reality. She has a knack for design and loves the sense of achievement for every project embarked.

Keeping up-to-date with trends, she is always looking out for new product launches in similar trades. She loves elevating homes to a whole new aesthetic and a healthy balance that suits the client’s lifestyle and budget. 

What motivates Carlesa most in her 10 years of experience in the Interior design industry is making the homeowner’s Dream come true, seeing a smile on her client’s face is an indescribable feeling of happiness.

Pauline Yeong

Designer Profile: Pauline Yeong

The latest interior trends will shape the next decade of homeowner’s lifestyle, Pauline Yeong has a strong desire to create a sense of indulgence and relaxation through smart and innovative technology interior designs. This is not only pleasing to the eyes but makes a great and convenient experience for both homeowners and their guests.

It’s important to stay on-trend with clever functionality that is both user-friendly and space-saving. Being a Professional Interior Designer, Pauline is more than just being creative, the ability of trend identification and knowledge for sustainable practices are just as important for helping her client’s create their dream home. Pauline has 6 years of Interior Design experience under Rezt+Relax, her niche is a classic pairing of the Black and the White ambient as well as Dark interior palettes with a modern luxe look.

Project Milestones

EM Tampines

EM Tampines

348C Yishun Ave 11 by Carlesa Boo

Yishun Avenue 11

Condo Nouvel 18 by Tony and Carlesa

Nouvel 18

High Park Residences


High Park Residence - Condo

High Park Residences

OUE Twin Peak - Condo

OUE Twin Peak