alex tan

Designer Profile: Alex Tan

The saying goes, “try putting yourself into others shoes ”is one of the keys for Alex Tan’s success in his ID career. He provides attention and is enthusiastic to find-out where another person is coming from, so he can understand most aspects of how his client’s lifestyle is. From knowing their particular opinion to getting-the-hang of his client’s cultural traditions and domestic usage of the space.

In the Interior design process, it is never just about space-planning, the blend of line, forms, colours and lighting is equally important as getting-the-space right. One of the perks of being a Professional Interior Designer is his capability to analyze spaces and making it much versatile and space-savvy. 

Make a squeal of excitement through seeing Alex’s Interior design works with bold and playful lightings, adding a sense of fun and life into the home space. In addition, out of the 9 Luxus Hill’s landed houses that are ongoing projects for Rezt+Relax, Alex is designing 6 of the houses. In his 8 years of experience, his design works have also been featured in reputable magazine; Square Room.

“Light is the magical ingredient that makes or breaks a space; it’s one of the most important elements in all my interiors.”

Alex Tan

Designer Profile: Alex Tan

Having already been with Singapore’s premier interior design company here at Rezt ‘ Relax for 5 years, Alex has set the standards for his fellow designers quite high. Twelve months was all he needed to get promoted to senior level.

To stay in touch with what’s in, he keeps reading magazines like Ideal Home, Furniture Hunter, Key To Your Home, Home & Decor, Expat Living and Homestyle. But for him, design naturally follows from the client’s ideas. Their ideas form the base of the design concept.

Obviously, Alex gets high satisfaction being able to do what he has always loved. But above all else, a simple “thank you” from his clients is all he needs to be motivated to keep doing what he does best.

Light is the magical ingredient that makes or breaks a space; it’s one of the most important elements in all my interiors.

Project Milestones

HDB Toa Payoh by Alex Tan and Zack Cheah

Toa Payoh

Parkwood Collection

Landed in Parkwood



Landed at Macpherson by Alex Tan and Anzie Lee

Landed in Macpherson

HDB Northshore by Alex Tan and Fanny Chung


Landed Luxus Hill by Nicky and Alex Cover

Landed in Luxus Hill

Condo Yew Mei Green by Alex and Fanny Cover

Yew Mei Green

Condo Dahlia Park Alex Lydia

Dahlia Park

River Isles - Condo

River Isles

The Viridian - Condo

The Viridian

Customer Testimonials

I am writing to gladly express our satisfaction over the results and pleasant services by Alex and Carrick during the time of our unit’s renovation.

Working with Alex and Carrick was a great delight and very easy from the beginning to the end. They were patient, cooperative and adaptive to review and change the designs to our liking. We are also impressed with the consistency and tiredless efforts they have put in regardless of office hours and timings.

We have now happily settled in to the unit and are undoubtedly pleased to recommend Rezt n Relax and Alex & Carrick team to friends and contacts who may be looking for some renovation works.

Wishing everyone at Rezt n Relax a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, all the best wishes for another great year in 2017.

Clemens & Hartaty Maswi

It has been over a year since our renovation was completed in late 2014. I will like to thank our IDs Leonard and Alex for their professionalism and exemplary work. I am also thankful for their patience in walking us through the whole renovation process as I have absolutely no experience in home renovation. Also they were meticulous at project management to ensure that we get to move in on-time.
Alex showed great care at inspecting the quality of work of the sub-contractors, and also was on-site frequently to monitor the renovation and gave us timely updates on the progress. It gave us great peace of mind to have Alex look after our property during the renovation period. His can-do spirit and trustworthiness makes him a great asset for any company.

Engaging Rezt & Relax Interior has made the whole renovation process stress-free for me, and we are satisfied with the service and abilities of both Leonard and Alex.

Loh Wei

I write this testimonial today to highlight the exceptional experience that we received while working with Alex and Jeremy.

From start to finish, Alex and Jeremy were extremely professional and helpful, incorporating our ideas and materialising it to create the best possible home renovation experience imaginable. Their attention to detail was evident in every aspect of the process, from initial discussion right up to handover. When we had queries, they would respond quickly and without delay.

This entire process culminated in a home that looks absolutely stunning, reflecting the contrast of my preferred industrial theme and the beautiful theme of the house. Words cannot express our satisfaction with the finished home. The quality of work is impeccable with each detail completed with utmost quality.

I further recommend them to whoever is interested in renovating their home as they will be assured of a good experience and utmost professionalism.

Ralph Peterson

I would like to take this opportunity to compliment Alex and Jeremy for the great experience and result in renovating our home.

From the beginning stage of design, Alex and Jeremy have patiently and professionally guide us in putting our idea into detail design. Through many obstacles, they have shown their deep knowledge of technical and great ideas to come up with satisfactory solutions within limited time and resources. When we need to consult them on some ideas or changes, they provided quick and sincere responses. We are really satisfied with their work and the way they handle my renovation project.

We highly recommend Alex and Jeremy to whoever’s interested in doing renovation to their home in the future.

Jorja & Cyndy

Congratulations on making our renovation journey so smooth sailing and memorable. We have finally taken over our unit from Alex on 15 March this week. Shortlisting Rezt & Relax was the right decision to take as we were searching high and low for the ID that not only suit our budget and style, most importantly, we got a personalize ID who went the extra mile to help in every aspect he can and that definitely surpass our expectations.

Journey started when we saw Rezt & Relax brochure in our letterbox…prior to receiving this, we have seen x number of IDs and non fitted our requirements. We were looking for the X-factor and I guess in desperate situation, a signal came. Our friends who stayed at Bedok Residences strongly recommended R&R since the showflats were done by your company. We decided to give R&R chance. It was the right move as we met Alex in Dec 2015 where we confirmed his service already during our 2nd visit. His genuine passion to serve and make our home truly unique and cozy touched us.

Throughout the renovation journey, Alex had been responsive every time we WhatsApp him. Even when he left Singapore for his vacation before Chinese New Year, he never failed to inform us that respond maybe delayed. After CNY, we had a tough time looking for the right furniture to the house. At the sofa shop, we just tried our luck and called Alex if he was able to come down and help us choose the right one. Alex turned up in 30min time and under his recommendation, we found our perfect sofa and coffee table. Couple of weeks later, we got stuck at Furniture Mall with our dining table option and Alex gladly came by and helped us once again with the right selection.

The house had been beautifully done up with the right colors, feature walls (especially the stucco wall and partition won many praises from our visitors) and furniture. We are pleased to say that Alex had certainly do R&R proud with his dedication and commitment to provide such high quality of service to his customers. We hope to see more such sincere and passionate ID in the industry as not everything is just about costs. Interior design is about building a world uniquely for their customers where they can truly call home and Alex had definitely live up to that.

A big thank you to R&R for wonderful worksmanship and sending an angel to us to help deliver a beautiful home to us. To Alex, thank you for being there with us in the last 3 months… you have became more of a friend to us and we hope you will continue to thrive and shine in this industry.

Lyn & Hong Chee