Tony Teng

Designer Profile: Tony Teng

Dream it, Own it. 

Tony Teng loves transforming houses into homes, bringing his client’s dream home to life. As a Senior Designer who is the Top 8 Designer in the company, Rezt+Relax In his 8 years of experience he clearly and truly understands what his customers want. He is especially niche in evaluating the accuracy of his work. 

At the heart of designing the home, Tony envisioned creating more than just an aesthetic space. It is important to find a balance between functional and creatively gorgeous Interior Design.

Tony Teng

Designer Profile: Tony Teng

His natural inclination to creating and designing is what helped
him pursue interior design. Tony believes that interior designing allows him to incorporate all of his strengths and skills.

It’s been 5 years since he joined one of Singapore’s leading interior design firms Rezt & Relax. It took him a short time to reach senior level and has recently achieved a Top 10 Designers of the Year Award in 2016 and 2017.

Design is his life. It’s his passion, he claims. And his sincerity in how he has to make sure that a customer’s dream is always realized is the fuel that drives him to continue doing this profession. And just like his peers, he also gets inspiration from reading magazines and from his occasional traveling.

Project Milestones

Condo Tapestry Tony Teng and JY


Condo Nouvel 18 by Tony and Carlesa

Nouvel 18

Gramercy Park

Double Bay Residences


Clementi West - HDB

Clementi West