Designer Profile: Lynna Lestari

Whether it is space constraints, limitations at home, the design choices homeowners made have an effect in their subconscious minds. A deep understanding of what homeowner’s needs sharpens the perception of the Final design style and concept. Lynna Lestari is keenly detail-oriented and she believes as a Professional Interior Designer can truly improve the quality of life. 

It has been a passion to achieve a Photogenic Interior space that is very much Pinterest-worthy and Insta-worth. From drawing, planning, designing to creating beautiful functional spaces, Lynna loves creating value for her clients and seeing them moving in with a smile.

Lynna has 10 years of Interior Design experience which includes 6 years under Rezt+Relax. In a world that never stops changing, Lynna has always kept up with learning and observing what’s in demand and the undiscovered emerging technologies.


Designer Profile: Lynna Lestari

A penchant for creativity and exploring ideas afresh, Lynna visualises new concepts with an inspired mind each time she works with a customer, leaving no idea unexplored, embracing their perspective and giving them the best of what is current and not least, her best.

Project Milestones

Landed in North East Area

Hillington Green - Condo

Using warm colours and natural materials together with the right furniture and finishing, it exudes an inviting and tranquil ambience – a home you wouldn't want to step out at all.

Hillington Green

Angullia Park - Condo

Located at the heart of Orchard Road, this luxurious abode has been designed to emulate the elegance of hotel interior.

Angullia Park

Signature Park - Condo

Think neutral colour scheme is boring? You might be wrong. Neutral colours can make the area looks brighter and larger. Having too much stuff and nowhere to be kept? Why not create a feature wall with storage for an uncluttered space.

Signature Park

Gramercy Park - Condo

Designer: Angelyn Wong
Gold add year-round touches of glamour, gilt and gold to your home — without it looking tacky or overdone.

Gramercy Park