Lucas Ong

Designer Profile: Lucas Ong

Who doesn’t love a warm, welcoming feeling upon entering your home? Beyond words, a welcoming and inviting entrance is often of a good design composition that creates not just a pretty aesthetic but a form of positive feeling. 

In his 7 years career in Rezt+Relax, Lucas Ong’s expertise is his clever ways of using colours & light to make a space feel warm and comfortable. Lucas tasks himself to stand in the homeowner’s point of view so he could be conscious of what the homeowners want and need. He works hand-in-hand with his clients to identify their design preferences and create solutions made to measures for his clients. Each and every project is uniquely on its own.


Designer Profile: Lynna Lestari

A penchant for creativity and exploring ideas afresh, Lynna visualises new concepts with an inspired mind each time she works with a customer, leaving no idea unexplored, embracing their perspective and giving them the best of what is current and not least, her best.

Project Milestones