Renovation Trends: USB Wall Sockets

Like any form of art, there are some interior designs that are simply timeless like a classic Victorian design. But just like any form of art too, interior design also relies on trends. And this year, the world of interior design predicts that homeowners are likely to get their homes to be more technologically friendly.

With the unprecedented dependence of people to technology, it is no surprise that nowadays our lifestyle mostly revolves around our gadgets. The very first and last thing that most people do in their day is operating their favorite gadget — their phones.

The world has created an industry hungry for the latest and most hi-tech devices. And with a lot of available gadgets dependent on USB, it is quite surprising that there aren’t many homes, offices or establishments with USB wall sockets.

Well this year, the interior design world predicts that homeowners might start considering upgrading their humble wall socket to USB wall sockets that will save people the headaches of looking for AC adapters all the time. Singapore is pretty much a nation highly dependent on technology and it would not be long enough until every household has USB wall sockets installed in them. They are readily available in the market and they are cheap and you can even install them yourself.

So what are you waiting for? Will you choose to be left behind of the trend or are you ready to upgrade your wall sockets and save yourself from the trouble of needing to find an AC adapter for your phone every single time?

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