Open House: Canopy EC in Yishun

A few years back, Rezt ‘n Relax has begun what would become the industry’s first open house tour. And since then, it has been a regular event for us to do open houses almost as frequent as twice every month. One of our fast-becoming most sought-after designers Ms. Moon has done a spectacular to a pool-side ground floor unit at Canopy, an EC in Yishun that is already 90% completed.

The house is a 3-bedroom unit with the master bedroom and the boy’s room having direct view of the pool. Being a ground floor unit, it has an private enclosed space that give them an extra area which they can use for BBQ or their extended dining space. They have opted to have a canopy (pun intended) to this area to protect them better from the sun and the rain.

Here are the before pics of the house without furniture and furnishings

IMG-20140512-WA0008 IMG-20140512-WA0009 IMG-20140512-WA0010 IMG-20140512-WA0007And here is the house with furniture and furnishings

20140517_103246 20140517_102126

IMAG0488 IMAG0491 20140517_103147

IMAG0482 IMAG0483 IMAG0485 IMAG0486The owner is a family of 4 with the couple having a young boy and a young girl. The generosity and the welcoming nature of the owners have allowed Rezt ‘n Relax to do an open house with them and this is something the company is deeply appreciative of. We have done two open house events so far with both occasions well received by the crowd.

We did the first on last May 10 but during this time, the family has not yet moved in since they were still waiting for the furnitures to arrive which they have ordered from Europe. But even then, the house already has that look and feel that it was meant to have and the guests who viewed the place were already impressed. The most eye-catching feature of the house would probably its unique stucco wall design.

During the second open house last May 17, the family has already settled in the new house for over a week and thus the presence of the furniture. However, they were still little tough-ups to be done most noticeably the black tempered glass in the dining area still yet to be placed. However, we received almost twice the number of guests compared to our first one and thus making this an overwhelming success!

Due to the successes of these open house events, we would hope to continue this of course only with the blessing of the owners Welfred and Ann. Nevertheless, here at Rezt ‘n Relax, we would see to it we do an open house at least once a month. So for you who may have missed our event, you can still look forward to more open houses soon. And perhaps it could be somewhere closer to you.

In the end, we also managed to get a live testimonial from the couple who spoke highly of the company and expressed their most sincere appreciation to their designer Moon who they thought has done an amazing work in transforming their new house into a home they’ve always dreamed of.

You may wish to get in touch with Ms Moon Liew for a non-obligatory discussion at or call 9687 7809