Open House: 2-bedroom unit at Austville Residences

Last July 19, we did an open house in the latest TOP in Sengkang at the Austville Residences. It’s a 2-bedroom unit that was renovated by one of our senior designers Xavier.¬†Austville Residences is one of the hottest talks of the town that just literally TOP. We have several completed projects in this development and fortunately for this one, the homeowner allowed us to do an open house.

It is quite a rare chance that we get to do an open house for this type of unit with only 2 bedrooms. But people seemed to still be interested in seeing this unit. Below is the 3D rendition of the house and a couple of shots from the open house itself.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 10449469_10152595397248659_5464671277467082764_n 10491283_10152595397043659_1466804626613034152_n