HomeMaker Mega Seminar

Our HomeMaker Seminar has just gotten bigger with our very first MEGA-Seminar happened yesterday June 8, Sunday at Yishun SAFRA. We have received an immense interest from public with close to 200 guests joined us during the event. The invitation were open to all new homeowners who are receiving their keys soon.

This version of our HomeMaker Seminar series became mega with our jumbo and literally bulky giveaway prizes. The grand prize of our lucky draw is an Osim uDivine S massage chair worth S$5,288! The next best prize was a 50″ LED TV worth S$1,699 plus cash and vouchers worth more than S$2,000 were given away.

The guests were treated to a very entertaining show with our presenters each wearing a superhero costume! This made the audience extra excited especially the kids who found themselves face to face with some of their favorite superheroes.

The event, as usual, is not only entertaining but very informative, even educational with each of the vendor presenting facts, benefits, solutions and value of their respective products. Every vendor covered a specific agenda in their presentation with each tackling the following topics:

1. How “The Curtain Boutique” can redefine your home with quality curtains, blinds, wallpaper & solar films.
2. How “LeGate” can provide safety at home with invisible grilles.
3. How “Yale Digital” secures your home with digital locks and safes.
4. How “FloorXpert” laminates your flooring & outdoor decking for balcony.
5. How “Focus De Lightings” can brighten your house with their full range of LEDs and designer lights.
6. How “Rezt n Relax Interior” can provide a BIG Solution for your small space!

After the presentation, the lucky draw and surprise games followed. The highlight naturally is the game for the grand prize with 3 guests drawn from the crowd. The 3 unsuspecting contestants were joined by their significant partners and competed in who gets to pop the balloon the fastest! It wasn’t easy for the contestants as the game proved to be very physically demanding but being the trooper that they are, they persevered and after several minutes, one popped the balloon ahead of the others than came the other two. All 3 received a grand applause from the audience for their effort and of course at how funny and entertaining it came out to be.

This is the very idea why we organize such events. Not only do we intend to inform, educate and offer special deals and give away cool prizes but we also want people to have a reason to have fun with their family and loved ones and meet new people as well. We are already planning our next event. Will you be ready?