HomeMaker Seminar at Tampines SAFRA

Yesterday, we had another one of our series of Home Maker Seminar Special Deals at Tampines SAFRA from 11am until 3pm. We invited all condo, DBSS, BTO and EC homeowners and gave them the opportunity right there and then to shop for some special deals from our participating vendors and ourselves as well.

There were lucky draw prizes, free lunch buffet plus special game surprises that got everyone all excited! The event started with guest registrations with groups of families and even a few people on there own starting to come one by one.

After the registration, we commenced with the proper presentation starting with The Curtain Boutique followed by LeGate, Yale Digital House, Floor Xpert then yours truly, Rezt ‘n Relax. All presentors gave special packages for all of the guests who were in the event.

After the presentation, guests were ushered to a lunch buffet. And it’s also during this time they were given the time to shop for special deals from all the vendors involved. Every vendor were very busy and our booth was particularly pretty busy as well with our Director Wilson Teh attending to customers along with the designers who were on standby.

After the buffet lunch and on the spot shopping by the guests, every vendor had a spontaneous game by asking 2 [pretty easy] questions and whoever raised their hand first and answered correctly got to win prizes! Some won safe boxes, fans, shag rugs and imported mops. From us, the 2 lucky winners won a free consultation fee that’s worth S$2,000!

Along with this, the grand lucky draw for a 50″ flatscreen TV was given away. But of course, it wasn’t gonna go that easy. The 3 selected guests were to battle it out for the grand prize. It’s a who-holds-your-breath-the-longest-game-wins. The first 2 contenders did alright but the last guy took the bar pretty high by notching 19 seconds breathless declaration of ‘wo ai ni’.

All in all, it was a pretty successful event with a lot of people walking away with either prizes or won themselves some amazing deals from all the vendors including ourselves! We will definitely have more events and offer some irresistible packages for those participating guests. Until then, you may frequently check out our events page for more exciting special seminars. Hope to see you all soon!