Designer Profile: Shawn Haw

Highly personable Singapore-PR Shawn Haw is a senior designer who has been formally schooled in Malaysia. Back in his much younger days, he had a strong background in carpentry and site coordination that ultimately fostered his love for building homes and eventually designing them by means of encouragement from his brother who is a fellow interior designer as well.

It only took him 1 year from the first day he joined Singapore’s premier interior design company here at Rezt ‘n Relax to become a senior designer.

He is indeed a man of few words but rest assured that his mind is endlessly churning out creative designs. To stay in touch with what’s in, he keeps reading magazines like Ideal Home, Lookbox Living, Square Rooms, Home & Decor and Homestyle. But for him, design naturally follows from the client’s ideas. Their ideas form the base of the design concept.

Obviously, he gets high satisfaction being able to do what he has always loved. But above all else, a simple “thank you” from his clients is all he needs to be motivated to keep doing what he does best.

In his spare time, he likes to go fishing, play badminton and watch movie with his family.

Contact Details:

Call/SMS/Whatsapp: 9186 9559   |   Email:


Project Milestones

This condo unit in Sengkang is decked out in black and white, with a touch of contemporary glamour.

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This is a resale 4-bedroom condo flat at Chiltern Park with a renovation budget of S$90k.

LoresChilternPark 01

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This is another condo at Yishun. It’s a new 4-bedroom flat at 8 Courtyards with a renovation budget of S$38k.

Lores8Courtyard 02

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Here are some of Shawn’s proposed 3D designs

This is a proposed 3D design for a 3+1 bedroom flat at Treasure Trove with a renovation budget of S$28k.






This is a proposed 3D design for a BTO flat at Punggol Waterway Banks with a renovation budget of S$40k.






This is another proposed 3D design for an HDB flat in Punggol Field with a renovation budget of S$32k.



Call/SMS/Whatsapp Shawn: 9186 9559   |   Email: