7 Basic Rules In Renovation

What homeowners need to acquaint themselves with when renovating -o0o- HDB owners must first obtain a renovation permit from HDB before carrying out renovation works. Failure to comply will result in a fine not exceeding $5,000.   Notice must be served on your neighbours [two neighbouring flats surrounding your flat] 3 days in advance before […]

Quick Tips When Looking for An Interior Design Firm

  With the constant advent of these fly-by-night ID contractors, it can become very worrisome nowadays for homeowners seeking renovation. But how do you choose? Which one should you trust? It’s simple. Google is your best friend. So, research and verify. Check whether the company is licensed by HDB and accredited by CaseTrust Check whether […]

Steps In Doing Defect Checking

Here are some basic steps when doing your defect checking: Get defect checking form from HDB or MCST Visit your new home for inspection Decide whether to DIY or hire a specialist If you hire a specialist, you have little to do but to oversee the inspection. If you choose to DIY however, follow this […]

How To Renovate Within Your Budget

An Easy 7-step Guide In Renovating Your Home   1.  COLLECTING YOUR KEY Fact: No home will come without any sort of defect with some defects more serious than others.   What You Need To Do: Upon collecting your key, do a defect checking right away.   Useful Advice: Homeowners are usually given 7 days […]

Small Space, Big Solution: Cold or Bold?

An all-white interior can appear boring and cold and somewhat uninviting. Pastel colors do quite the stark contrast with their bold but nevertheless calming effect. But one thing either surely does so perfectly well – it makes the house feel airy and unrestricted. Take a look at some of our designs that touch on minimalism […]

How To Avoid Hidden Costs

It is likely that it’s your first time to do renovation in your beloved home whether you have stayed there for many years or just received your keys. Truth is, you’ll only do up your house once. And that is why you want to do it right the first time. Renovating your house is a […]