Completed Renovation at The Signature EC

Dynamic duo, senior designers Susan and Yvette have created this quintessential Victorian home for a family at the Signature EC. The designers had to overcome a unique challenge of putting the homeowner’s dream fish tank in place along with the weeks spent on sourcing specific design pieces and accessories. While all of that sound like […]

Design Proposal – Victoria Park Villas

Any great renovation project starts with visualising how the house is going to look like. 3D designs are created to do just that which helps the homeowners see what exactly are they going to get in terms of look and feel of the design. Our Executive Director Wilson Teh shows us around our latest on-going […]

Completed Renovation at The Riverbank Condo

Our Manager Bernard Ling welcomes you to his latest renovation project for a 5-bedroom condo unit at Riverbank! A modern, simple design that boasts an wide array of design innovation such as a make-shift service yard that is now a fully-equipped maid’s room and bay windows that double as storage! With over 10K homeowners to […]