5-bedroom penthouse renovation at Waterbank at Dakota

Waterbank at Dakota is a new condo fully completed this year that is located in 25 Dakota Crescent, District 14.

Our designer Alexis Choong has done a spectacular job turning a new, bare penthouse unit into a very sophisticated yet modern house that her jet setting client had their expectations met above and beyond. Designer Alexis was given a lot of creative freedom in this project and this greatly allowed her to stretch her imagination in creating the perfect home for her highly discerning client.

Being a frequent traveller, Alexis’ client has developed a very refined and cultured taste. And thus, the designer had to make sure to pick the right materials and accessories for the house. The stunning view from the living room adds for a dramatic vibe that the designer has taken advantage of in creating a living space that would draw visitors interest in both the unblocked panoramic view of the city and the interior design and decoration.

The house’s spaciousness is accentuated by tall pillars and its full height windows that bring in a lot of natural light. Alexis had to find the right balance in creating a spacious yet cozy living area. She achieved this by picking the right furniture pieces that neither cramp the space nor get dwarfed by the vast space.

The entire project took about 2 months to complete and the budget was about S$40k. Given that it’s a new condo unit, there weren’t much reconstruction done like re-tiling, changing the layout or redoing the kitchen or master bathroom. This was more of adding bits of touch-ups here and there. Below you will see some pics of the bare house and some snapshots during the construction process followed by the actual finished product.

And here are the actual shots of the finished project








Please feel free to get in touch with Ms. Alexis for a non-obligatory discussion at alexis@reztnrelax.com or 9190 5480.