Interior Design Talk and Complete Renovation Project Tour to Yishun

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We just want to share with you our events in the last weekend.

On Saturday, we had Interior Design Talk “Get Your Beautiful New Home Design with Just $20K”.

As of now, this talk is only for homeowners of Minton, Adora Green, Prive, Canberra and Esparina Residence.

But good news for you, next time we will open up the doors for other condo homeowners.

We have some special packages for you. So, if you’re interested to attend the next one, make sure to subscribe to our blog!

We will keep you in touch for our next events. Now, let’s take a look some photos from this talk:

01 IMG_1258 IMG_1265 IMG_1266

The talk is delivered by our Managing Director, Wilson Teh. The talk is only 1 hour. After that, of course everyone can has 1 on 1 discussion with our designers. This way, they can feel much more comfortable that they can talk about their home design requirements to one designer assigned just for them.

IMG_1267 IMG_1270 IMG_1271 IMG_1272


On Sunday, we had Complete Renovation Project Tour to Yishun. This tour is open to public.

This is a very beautiful house. It’s a 4 room HDB Flat in Yishun.

This tour is definitely giving benefits to our customers. One of the many reasons is because they can see the completely renovated house by themselves. Oh by the way, the house is actually occupied by a couple. So, it’s not an empty house.

They can go around the house and ask questions directly to our designers.

Most of them also brings out their floor plan. So, they can plan ahead about the kind of design they want and discuss with our designers on how to make it works in their home.

Let’s take a look the photos:

01 IMG_1307 IMG_1311 IMG_1313 IMG_1319 IMG_1325 IMG_1333 IMG_1355 IMG_1358 IMG_1359

Some people told us that their favorite part of the house is the kitchen. It looks very nice.


More than just being nice, the storage is actually very optimized and organized. Let’s take a look:

IMG_1370 IMG_1373 IMG_1375

IMG_1378 IMG_1386

Overall, many of our guests are happy to join this tour.

IMG_1393 IMG_1394 IMG_1397

In this photo below, you can see our Managing Director, Wilson Teh and The Happy Couple who is the proud owner of the house.


So, what do you think? Are you interested to join our next tour?

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