Small Space, Big Solution: Wrecking Wall

How Hacking Can Make A Huge Difference

A house has several areas with specific function and purpose. And in traditional setting, we separate them, quite literally, by using walls to identify each area. But the thing about walls is that they constrict your space especially in a country like Singapore where space is a luxury since it is scarce.

Replacing concrete walls with glass partitions is a great way to separate sections without feeling restricted. It opens up areas of the house that will allow a lot of light to flow through.

It can be done to a few key areas in the house that will make your house look bigger. Kitchens are usually tucked away to avoid the smell of cooking suffocating the whole house, so why not hack the walls and use a glass door instead. Those with sophisticated cooker hood, you may simply do an open concept kitchen.

If you feel like your master bedroom is not big enough, you may enlarge the space, or create the illusion of it, by tearing down the walls of your toilet and replacing them with glass walls. Need privacy for your most intimate business? Roll-down blinds are your quick-fix.

If you have a spare room that you turned into a study or an entertainment corner, why not break down the concrete walls and use glass so the house can give off the impression of spaciousness. Again, roll-down blinds are your friend when you need privacy.

Whether full or half height, glass partition does give you a sense of openness. Take a look at some clever designs where using glass visually increases the space of the house.






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