Small Space, Big Solution: Reflect For Effect

Why Mirrors Remain A Favorite Interior Piece

They are brittle and truth be told they are generally not cheap but mirrors are still a fixture in every household whether they are placed generously all across or in some unique zones in the house.

One of its most common uses is for vanity purposes. But mirrors have more use than just for checking whether you have done your hair right or to see how dapper you look in that new suit.

Mirrors are probably the most common trick in giving the illusion that a room is bigger than it actually is. By reflecting light, mirrors do a good job in inducing and distributing brightness into a room especially those dark areas.

Place a mirror across or right beside a window. This will reflect the incoming light and will instantly brighten up the room. If you have a small dining area, install a full height mirror on the wall next to it to give off the impression of an expansive space. While you’re at it, place a hanging chandelier or those designer pendant lights to provide generous light during dinner

Cleverly covering specific areas with mirrors draws attention away from the tiny space. So mirrors are definitely a must-have in the house. Take inspirations from these smart ways mirrors were used that visually enlarge the space.










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