Small Space, Big Solution: Keep It At Bay

Why Bay Windows Are No Longer Space-Wasters

Most people would agree that bay windows are a waste of floor space. But there is a universal love-hate relationship towards bay windows hence how some houses have them and some don’t.

Those who have to live with them, there are some smart ways on how to make the best out of them. When you level it and make it a part of the bed frame, not only do you create a cozy niche but also the bed now only occupies half of the space it normally would. And the other half below can now be turned into an extra storage space.

Place some cushions so they become your special lounge area for your reading and for simply enjoying a quiet time and appreciate the view outside. Add a sliding table on it for some extra function to set your book down on or your cup when you’re having your coffee.

Turn it into a comfortable study nook by placing a desk on top that extends a little to have some legroom below. Alternatively, you can utilize it as a platform to showcase some of your valuable items. You may opt to add some modular shelves for extra space. It also makes the perfect spot to set up your TV console on.

Take a look at some of our smart designs that made bay windows useful rather than a space-waster.







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