Singapore Interior and Furniture Exhibition 2014

urbanKITCHEN by Blum Singapore exclusive with Rezt 'n Relax

Rezt ‘n Relax is once again one of the official showflats at this year’s Singapore Interior and Furniture Exhibition that showcased the best in interior and furniture.

This time, we had something fresh cooking up as we were the first one to offer the latest and newest kitchen concept in town. Designed by Blum Singapore, urbanKITCHEN is the newest kitchen concept that will surely captivate the interest of the public. With the integration of the latest box system Legrabox, Rezt ‘n Relax is exclusively the first to offer this European kitchen with a local price tag!

urbanKITCHEN is manufactured in the same standard by almost all major kitchen labels in Europe and thus a promise of quality and efficiency that can last a lifetime without the hefty price. It is a European kitchen without burning your pocket!

We have indeed received a strong interest from the public with homeowners getting amazed by the elegance and sleekness of the urbanKITCHEN. It’s efficiency and sturdy  properties made it irresistible for homeowners to finally upgrade their kitchen and be the envy among their neighbours. Plus, the attractive promo package we had was just too much to pass!