Renovation Guide: The Kitchen


Does your kitchen look run down and outdated? Has it become so messy and, eek, greasy that it has become an eye sore and instead of having the desire to cook you end up ordering takeaway food or worse sleep with an empty stomach?

Here at Rezt ‘n Relax, we will try to walk you through the basics of what needs to be done when renovating your kitchen and more importantly how long will it take to finish since when renovating your house even just parts of it, homeowners would usually have to bunk in other place during the whole process since it’s going to be very dusty and noisy inside unless of course the owners can bear them.

So how long does a kitchen makeover usually take? Generally speaking, renovating an entire kitchen could last up to give or take 4 weeks. Of course a lot of factors could determine this whether it’s the size of the kitchen or just how little or how much work you want to be done.

  • kitchen work processThe work will begin with the hacking from the cabinetry, kitchen tops and sometimes even partition walls.
  • After which, the surface walls have to be smoothened out from all the chipping and cracks.
  • Laying out of waterproofing will come next to prevent any water leakages to your neighbors directly below.
  • Tiles would be laid out afterwards then the kitchen base should be put in place.
  • A paint work shall be applied to the ceiling to give it a brand new look.
  • Then the contractors shall prepare the carpentry fabrication which would take about 1-2 weeks. It would take about 2 days to install cabinets.
  • About 4-5 days would be allotted to measure and install the kitchen top.
  • To measure and install spray-painted 5mm-tempered glass backing and, if opted, a sliding glass door, it would take about 1 week to do so.
  • Plumbing and installation of gas piping and electrical circuitry would follow next. Then the final stage would be the cleaning that would take about a whole day.

Hope this guide will somehow help you in any way in deciding whether or not it’s now time to redo your kitchen today. If indeed you feel like finally doing it, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a non-obligatory discussion by dropping us an email at¬†or call us at 6348 7787.