Quick Tips When Looking for An Interior Design Firm

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Google is your best friend.


With the constant advent of these fly-by-night ID contractors, it can become very worrisome nowadays for homeowners seeking renovation.

But how do you choose? Which one should you trust? It’s simple. Google is your best friend. So, research and verify.

  • Check whether the company is licensed by HDB and accredited by CaseTrust
  • Check whether the company is ISO certified
  • Check with the company how much is their paid-up capital then verify thru ACRA
  • Check whether they provide insurance bond to homeowners
  • Check their warranty period and what exactly it covers
  • Check their stability as a company by knowing their history and years in service
  • Scour the web for reviews and what others say about the company
  • Ask around from reliable people who you personally know

Remember that it is okay to be overcautious. It is your hard-earned money that is concerned and you don’t want that to be thrown to waste and taken away from you. With the internet at your fingertips, don’t find an excuse to be lazy to do your part.

With Rezt n Relax Interior, not only do you get dedicated designers to take care of your home but they make sure your dream house is realized as you expect it to be!

With our LIFETIME WARRANTY, you don’t have to worry anymore! We got everything covered so you can fully enjoy your own little haven you call home!


So, be informed. Be safe. Choose wisely.