PropNex Headquarters Renovation

AN OFFICE LIKE YOU’VE NEVER SEEN BEFORE! It is literally like walking into the future. And that is exactly what senior designer JJ Yang along with designer Jingyu Chou wanted to achieve – an atypical office that transports you to a whole new world!

This large scale renovation was a huge undertaking for the designers when an entire floor level with over 5,000 sqft of space needed to be overhauled. Even with a tight schedule, the team has remarkably pulled it off in 2 months!

The PropNex HQ now exudes a smart, futuristic outlook yet it remains functional and convenient. New technology has been incorporated in their new office with interactive digital whiteboard, touch screen TV for presentations and a smart glass that transforms a see-through room into a private one with just a simple flick of a switch!

Satisfying a particularly meticulous client is a tall order only seasoned designers are capable of handling. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of JJ and Jingyu, PropNex CEO Ismail Gafoor is beyond elated of the outcome!

With over 10K homeowners to date enjoying our LIFETIME WARRANTY, we got everything covered so you can fully enjoy your newly renovated space!


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