Open House: 4-room HDB flat in Woodlands Dew

One of Rezt ‘n Relax top interior designers Danielle opened her house at the Woodlands Dew newly renovated by none other than herself for public viewing last August 3, Sunday. As both the designer and homeowner, every inch of the house has her personal touches in them. Naturally, the design of the house portrays part of her personality and lifestyle and obviously shows her taste in design.

At first impression, the design comes off quite simple. And that is basically the idea. Danielle has purposely done up her house in  a toned down manner that it doesn’t scream flashy or extravagant. But she successfully managed to bring out the classiness she was going for almost hiding all the characteristics of an HDB.

Take  a look at some of the candid shots of her house and the crowd who flocked during our open house.