How To Avoid Hidden Costs

Hidden Cost infographic

It is likely that it’s your first time to do renovation in your beloved home whether you have stayed there for many years or just received your keys. Truth is, you’ll only do up your house once. And that is why you want to do it right the first time.

Renovating your house is a huge decision and that is why you’ll experience anxiety and worry [lots of them] especially knowing that it involves quite an amount of money.┬áIt is very frustrating to end up paying above the agreed and actual project cost. So how does one avoid hidden costs?

  1. Proper Space Planning – Make sure there’s proper space planning that is accurately based on the floor plan and the proposed layout must be followed as understood by you and the designer.
  2. Proposed 3D Design – The proposed design must closely represent the desired actual look and feel. It must also show the final perspective with correct placement and measurement of each carpentry work [if any].
  3. Actual Design – Every element of the design that you want, including finishes and materials with the agreed length or quantity, must be clearly stated.
  4. Actual Dimension – It is imperative that there are no incorrect measurements of the actual dimension of the house. Every extra measurement is another dollar you have to pay for. Do the measurement together with your designer.
  5. Actual Final Quotation – Make sure to check every detail and all specific works that have to be done and see to it they tally with the actual final quotation.