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Nicky Haw hails from the humble city Alor Star, Kedah in Malaysia. Now a Singapore PR, Nicky holds a UK certified advanced diploma in interior design. Mr. Haw is so exceptional that during his studies, he was a part-time tutor and eventually became a lecturer after graduation for close to 2 years.

He is an award-winning designer with over 17 years of industry experience. Having worked for 15 years prior to joining Singapore’s premier interior design firm Rezt ‘n Relax Interior, it has been over 2 years since he has become a major asset of the company.

A natural artist who can sketch and do architectural drawing, Nicky finds satisfaction in providing not just practical solution to his customers needs but also imparting his creative genius that becomes the practical solution itself. He is an out-of-the-box thinker with his imagination as his only limit.

In any line of work, it does get too hectic at times and his way to keep himself motivated and recharge his creative neurons is when he gets to get away at some resort and allow the beauty of the sea and the nature surrounding him fuel his passion once more.

Contact Details:

Call/SMS/Whatsapp: 9738 6677   |   Email:


Customer Testimonials

I would like to express our appreciation for the professional manner in which he handled the renovation of our home.  This young man displayed a greater level of experience, creative intuition, and ability to visualize design ideas than any of the other more well-known designers.  I have ended up with what I had envisaged in my mind plus all of his many extra inputted ideas.  His guys are great and it was totally comfortable having them in our house, so thank them as well.

-Ms Fong (HDB in Jalan Kayu)


Nicky’s input allowed me to use my ideas and grow them into something even better through his suggestions and expertise! Throughout the whole project, I was kept abreast of the progress; involved in any changes that were required due to the existing construction of my home; as well as provided with the respective options to ensure my satisfaction.

I was particularly pleased with his administration of the project and with the time he took to explain various aspects of the renovation process to me. His assistance and advice in helping us to make various decisions along the way was also greatly appreciated. We are delighted with the final result and look forward to enjoying our home for many years to come. We wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

-Mr. Yeo of Punggol Central


‘Thank you so much for all your assistance with our renovations and our sincere appreciation to Nicky and the team who did a fantastic job and were lovely people too, which I really appreciated. We continue to have lots of interest and enquiries from friends and definitely we will recommend Nicky with great pleasure.’

-resident of Trizon


Just a quick note to say Thank You for your excellent work on our recent renovation. Your cooperative and innovative attitude was refreshing. Your attention to detail resulted in a quality job. Most renovators take a let me do it all approach resulting in the client feeling pressured to buy what the renovator suggests versus what the client wants. You helped us with our choices and then put everything in place just the way we wanted it.

It was an excellent choice of designer and I will certainly call you again for any future renovations! Good job Nicky!

-Mr Jerry from Toa Payoh


Project Milestones

A penthouse at Botannia condo

For more of this project, click here


This is a 950 sqft 4-room HDB flat in Jalan Kayu that took 8 weeks to finish and with a budget of S$70k.

dining (1)


kid room




This is another HDB flat in Punggol central that is about 1,150 sqft that was renovated for S$85k and took 8 weeks to complete. This is a 5-room unit.

AtLiving - Punggol Central, Living Room

AtLiving - Punggol Central, Kitchen

AtLiving - Punggol Central, Dry Kitchen

AtLiving - Punggol Central, Dining Room


This is a 5-room executive HDB flat in Toa Payoh with over 1,400 sqft that was renovated in 8 weeks and with a renovation cost of S$95k.

AtLiving - Toa Payoh, Kitchen (2)

AtLiving - Toa Payoh, Living Room view 1 (2)

AtLiving - Toa Payoh, Living Room view 2 (2)

AtLiving - Toa Payoh, Master Bedroom


Urban Resort is condominium in Orchard area. This is a 2,500 sqft 4-bedroom that was renovated for S$120k and was completed in 8 weeks.

AtLiving - Urban Resort, Living Room view 1

AtLiving - Urban Resort, Living Room view 2-1

AtLiving - Urban Resort, Lobby

AtLiving - Urban Resort, Master Bedroom-1


This project is in Clementi Wood. This penthouse is over 2,100 sqft and was renovated for S$68k that took 6 weeks to complete.





This is a penthouse in Miro that is over 2,100 sqft in size and was renovated for S$80k and was all completed in 8 weeks.

AtLiving - MIRO, Living Room view 2-1

AtLiving - MIRO, Living Room view 3

AtLiving - MIRO, Living Room view 4

AtLiving - MIRO, Master Bedroom


Trizon is located in Richwood Close. This 4-bedroom unit is 2,500 sqft and was renovated for S$120k and was all finished in 8 months.

AtLiving - TRIZON, Living Room view 4

AtLiving - TRIZON, Master Bedroom view 1

AtLiving - TRIZON, Study Room view 1

AtLiving - TRIZON, Living Room view 1


This is a landed property in West Coast with the size of 7,000 sqft. The renovation cost is about S$450,000 and took about 4 months to complete.

R&R - 14 West Coast, Dining Room

R&R - 14 West Coast, Living Room 1

R&R - 14 West Coast, Master Bedroom Study-2

R&R - 14 West Coast, Parent Room

R&R - 14 West Coast Way, Wine Room & Lounge

R&R - 14 West Coast Way, Karaoke Room-1

R&R - 14 West Coast Way, Daughter Room view 1

R&R - 14 West Coast Way, Entertainment Area

R&R - 14 West Coast Way, Master Bedroom&Bathroom view 1-2

R&R - 14 West Coast Way, Son Room


This is a bungalow house at Marina Crescent with over 10,000 sqft in size. The renovation cost is S$350k and was completed in 3 months.

living area 31.08.2012

Dining area 11.09.2012

Entrance2 13.09.2012

2nd 3

2nd 4

2nd 5

2nd 6

3 rd 4

3 rd 3


4th 1

4th 2Get in touch with Nicky: Call/SMS/Whatsapp: 9738 6677   |   Email:

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