Common Worries Homeowners Face During Renovation

Customer Worries Infographic


Finally deciding to do renovation is a huge undertaking and it can be unnerving especially since it involves quite an amount of money.

Here are some of the most common worries homeowners face and some tiny tips on how to alleviate them:

  1. Hidden Costs – It is very frustrating to end up paying above the agreed and actual project cost. Ask for full transparency right from the onset.
  2. Design – Homeowners will usually have a design in mind. An ID will likely want to inject his expertise too. To avoid dispute, be clear of what you want and don’t want. It’s your house. You get to make the final shots.
  3. Workmanship – You have entrusted and expected someone to handle everything accordingly. But nothing makes the blood boil faster than a poor and lousy workmanship. Make it a point to inspect every progress of the renovation.
  4. Designer – It can be quite upsetting dealing with a sloppy designer. Keep them on their toes by firmly demanding, within reason, what are expected of them.